Visible Materials

Visible Materials

– HPL desks

– Sintered ceramics Mirage, Imola

– Enamelled glass

– Brick panels Faveton

– Glassconcrete slabs Rieder

HPL desks

HPL desks are large format panels, designed for use in both – exterior and interior. These boards are manufactured in a wide range of decors. They are characterized mainly wide color range, resistance to climatic conditions, easy workability and maintenance.

Sintered ceramics

Sintered ceramic is a material which is characterized by low water absorption and high-strength. Which makes this type of ceramics applicable to both – exterior and interior. The structure of this material is the same thickness and colour throughout the body. Innovative production process allows following the latest design trends. Technical parameters of this type of ceramic tiles can exceed natural stones in some cases.

Enamelled glass

For facade cladding is used enamelled glass with full or only partial prints, glass is always hardened. These glasses are characterized by higher strength and resistance to thermal shock, width variety of shades and relative freedom of format. The material is very popular especially as a design element of objects.


Faveton tiles are made from a special type of porcelain stoneware. Production is carried out by pulling the base material over a mold and then firing at high temperatures. Due to this production process, the tiles have low water absorption, chemical resistance, frost resistance and resistance to mechanical stress. The tiles are available in several finishes and a wide variety of shades. Some tiles have antigrafitti treatment.


It is a large format glass-concrete slab reinforced with glass fibers. Thus produced slabs are characterized by high strength at a thickness of just 13mm. Slabs can be surface treated and are available in wide range of colors.