Ceramic wall and floor tiles exist in more types. We can primarily divide ceramic tiles into sintered products and products glazed. We supply both type of products – sintered ceramic and glazed ceramic.

Sintered ceramics is colored throughout the thickness of the body. This type of products can be successfully used as a material for architectural facades. Our largest supplier of this type of ceramics is company MIRAGE.

These products are characterized by homogeneous material throughout the thickness of the product, high strength and appearance similar to natural materials. Coloring is made by adding natural sand in the base material.

Glazed ceramics is on the visible side provided with a color glaze, this type of products we supply mainly from manufacturers IMOLA and RECER. Tile material is not homogeneous throughout its thickness. It consists of a ceramic body and the upper layer of glaze. By this way is possible to produce ceramic tiles in every color face side.