The company STYL 2000 has been established in 1990. Since this time, the company has operated on the Czech and Slovak market.

The company is dealing with completely supplies of suspended ventilated facade cladding, from initial design to the final implementation. Another activity of the company is dealing with a building ceramics, tiles and mosaics.

Since the implementation of the first application of ventilated facade had expired long time, which for the company meant a lot of opportunities to compare her knowledge and skills with market requirements. During that time, we have realized more than 200 major cladding and from it we gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge. The acquired knowledge we constantly analyze and apply for new solutions to meet the most demanding requirements of architects, investors and facades creators.

Our goal is to maintain our leading position in the market, thanks to the personnel potential of the company and an innovative approach to customer needs. We are here to ensure that our products are the solution for you!

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